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    Bhadran Mung (1Kg)

    Sweet & spicy moong beans. Delicious sweet and spicy moong beans seasoned with flavorful spices.

    Bhakharwadi (1Kg)

    Bhakarwadi is a little spicy because of the use of indian spices. Brown in colour crispy fried roll with a spicy filling. It is a spiral of light brown and dark brown colour.

    Bhel Dry (1Kg)

    Bhel puri is a slightly sweet, spicy & sour tasting chaat snack.

    Bombay Ice Halwa (500gms)

    A popular Indian sweet delicacy mainly originated from Mumbai. This is also known as Mohanlal Halwa.

    Dry Kachori (1Kg)

    Dry Kachori is a deep fried crispy and crunchy balls of maida flour stuffed with spicy mix of gram flour and other spices. Unlike normal Kachoris, it can be stored for few weeks to couple of months and you can enjoy its snacky taste everytime.

    Farsi Puri (1Kg)

    Farsi Puri is a crispy and delicious melt in mouth deep-fried Indian bread. This deep fried snack tastes best with sweet and sour mango pickle or tea and coffee. It is prepared from maida, semolina, black pepper, cumin seeds and other spices and is stomach filling.

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