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    Ajwain Khakhra (Pack Of 2) (300gms)

    Roasted whole wheat crisps loaded with the wholesome goodness of carom seeds to provide a fulfilling snacking experience. No preservatives. No artificial colours. Vacuum packed. These crisps are best enjoyed with pickles, curd, chutneys, jam, chaat masala and butter. Can also be served along with tea. Free Sample: Lemon pickle.

    Gulabs Chilli Khus Syrup (475ml)

    Indulge in a rhythmic journey of flavours, experiencing the sweetness of vetiver (khus), tanginess of lemon and concluding with a faint trail of spicy green chilli; all in one glass of this exhilarating drink. Recommendation: Tastes best when mixed in cold water or soda

    Gulab Cinnamon Elaichai Sharbat (500ml)

    Savour the zestful medley of Ceylon cinnamon, Kerala clove and cardamom. This divine concoction will refresh your palate, and certainly, leave you craving for more. Recommendations: Tastes best when mixed with hot or cold water, or in mocktails

    Gulabs Garam Masala (Pack of 2) (200gms)

    A fine additive blend of roasted and ground spices. This whole spices garam masala powder works like magic in imparting a distinct homemade flavour to the prepared dish Contains no preservatives or artificial colors.

    Gulab Jeera Sharbat (500ml)

    Zesty Cumin Seed Syrup. The tangy flavour of cumin seeds infused with lemon, rock salt and pepper, make this drink perfect for a hot summer day, with a lasting tingling effect on your taste buds. Recommendations: Tastes best when mixed with water or soda.

    Gulabs Kesar Badam Syrup (475ml)

    Enjoy the satisfying crunch of almonds and the definitive scent and flavour of saffron in this earthy and luscious amalgamation. Versatile and flavourful, it is sure to provide an enhanced experience with every sip. Recommendation: Tastes best when mixed in cold or hot milk, as a topping on desserts or sweets. Note: To be refrigerated

    Tamil Nadu

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