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    Sabudana Khichdi White 200 Gms Pack Of 2


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    Household namkeen in gujarat, makai (corn) chevda is a mixture of corn flakes, sesame, dry grapes, cashew, garam masala, red chilly powder, cinnamon powder and other indian spices.

    Papad Mix 200 Gms Pack Of 2 (400gms)

    The papad chavanu is a traditional snack from gujarat made from a mixture of rice flakes, papdi (fried dough wafers), a blend of spices along with other condiments. This crunchy snack is a great complement for your evening tea breaks.

    Mini Bhakharwadi 250 Gms Pack Of 2 (500gms)

    Mini bhakarwadi is a miniature version of the popular snacking item, the ever-popular traditional snack of Bhakarwadi. Vadodara’s legendary snacks and namkeen brands, Jagdish Farshan is a literal heaven for food snacks lovers.