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    Meghraj Food Processing India Private Limited

    Daadi's is a leading ethnic food brand that provides traditional foods in conveniently packaged form. Started in 2008, Daadi’s is part of the 30-year-old Meghraj Group. Daadi’s khakhras are healthy and are hygienically manufactured in a state of the art facility in Bengaluru

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    Ajwain Bhakhri 180g (Pack Of 4) (720gms)

    $10.70 $12.60
    Aromatic crisps that goes well with your chai time. Strong aroma of ajwain leaves you craving for more.

    Atta Gond Laddoo 200g (Pure Ghee) (Pack Of 2) (400gms)

    $8.25 $10.30
    Atta Gond Ke Laddoo is a superpower of energy as it contains atta, dry fruits ,pure cow ghee and edible gum. Having a unique combination of taste, health and quality.

    Bajra Methi Khakhra 200g (Pack Of 2) (400gms)

    Bajra methi khakhra combines the well known health benefits of one of the healthiest millets-bajra or pearl millet, along with the health and beauty benefits of methi leaves.

    Besan Laddoo 200g (Pure Ghee) (Pack Of 2) (400gms)

    $8.25 $10.30
    Besan Laddoo is a preparation of Pure cow ghee, Besan and Cardamom. Having a unique combination of taste, health and quality.

    Chatpata Special Khakhra 180g (Pack Of 4) (720gms)

    $11.60 $13.65
    Chatapata Special Khakra is for all you Chatpata Lovers. This Khakhra comes with a chatpata masala made out of 23 ingredients and it is roasted along with the Khakhra.

    Chilly Kothmir Khakhra 180g (Pack Of 4) (720gms)

    $11.60 $13.65
    Now With The Goodness Of Kothmir (Coriander).