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    Black Pepper Peanut (1 Kg)

    A delicious snack made with a traditional Indian recipe, seasoned with black pepper and other natural Indian spices. Peanuts originated from the famous cultivation of Gujarat, which are known for its natural sweetness worldwide.

    Dankhal Sev (1 Kg)

    This namkeen is packed with the goodness of natural spices ensuring innumerable health benefits. In addition to this, our Dankhal Sev Namkeen is very crunchy and crispy making it enjoyable by people of all age groups.

    Farali Alu Chiwda Sweet (1 Kg)

    Farali chewda fasting mixture is one of the most loved mixtures in India. You can always enjoy a little sweet and salty mix with tea or coffee. Whether you fast or just want to have it during travel. This mix always is a perfect crunch of potatoes nuts and some raisins. This mix is a great option even for kids who want some from your plate.

    Farali Sabudana Chewda Sweet (1 Kg)

    Try sabudana chewda which is the best snack available to you when you are fasting. Because it doesn't take much time to be prepared, this lip-smacking recipe can be made in order to get rescued from those sudden hunger pangs which hit you real bad.

    Khachori Bhujia (1 Kg)

    A unique and interesting way of making the deep-fried noodles with besan and spices. Traditionally the sev recipes are made with plain flavor without adding any spices to besan batter. Also known as 'khachori bhujia' or Spicy Ratlami Sev.

    Khatta Mitha Mixture (1 Kg)

    A medley of cereals, pulses, and peanuts. With each bite of this fiery ’n’ sweet snack, you will see why opposites attract when it comes to flavors. Enjoy this grab-and-go crunchy namkeen with a refreshing beverage.