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    Double Mari(Punjabi Masala) Papad(Kirtiraj)(Pack o f 2) (1kg)

    If Single Mari is not spicy enough then this papad will definitely hit the spicy spot as it contains almost twice the amount of black pepper.

    Garlic Papad(Pack of 2) (1kg)

    This mildly tasting papad is perfect for green garlic and papad lovers. This papad is seasonally available, usually between the months of December – February.

    Jeera Mari Papad(Pack of 2) (1kg)

    This Kirtiraj original papad offers a unique taste between Jeera (Cumin) and Black Pepper. It is perfect for people that love the Jeera (Cumin) Papad but want to add a bit of spice to their papads.

    Jeera Papad(Pack of 2) (1kg)

    Papad is perfect for people that do not enjoy spicy food. It contains a hint of Jeera (Cumin) and hing.