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    JK Mouthfreshers

    Jk Mouthfreshner is the manufacturer of variety of mukhwas there is different variety is available in Vadodara

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    Falsa Vati (250gms)

    Falsa Vati is the citrus fruits falsa (phalsa) has many advantages for health. It fights mouth decay, bad breath and also strengthens gums.

    Fatafat (250gms)

    Peper Vati Hawaban Harde Best Combination of Amchur, Safed Namak, Kala Namak, Baal Harde, Sanay and Amla. Formed in a Chewable tablet. Best helps you in getting relief from stomach related problems like Gastric, Heaviness in Stomach. Relieves from Gas Pain, Heart Burn and Digestion.

    Golden Mukhwas (250gms)

    Golden Mukhwas

    Hing Vati (250gms)

    Hing Vati is soothes and Heals Stomach Pain Caused by Indigestion. Hing Along With Ginger, Black Pepper and other spices alleviates gastric distress and acidity problems.

    Imali Chocolate (250gms)

    Imali Chocolate Tamarind Candy is made of just tamarind pulp and sugar and wrapped in little plastic wrappers twisted at each end. It is soft, fruity, slightly sour, chewy, and the overall flavor of this candy is just perfect.

    Pachan Aamla (250gms)

    Pachan Aamla is a fruit Indians love to nibble on is the tangy amla or Indian gooseberry. Pachan Amla is thus among the best-selling products in its category. It is prepared by mixing sun-dried amla with salt and other ingredients.