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    HALO Snacks

    HALO is the newest venture at Saraf Foods, established in 1993, a FSSC 22000 certified leading global supplier of freeze dried products. We stand by our reputation as a reliable, quality supplier.

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    Halo Freeze Dried Mango (30gms)

    Mango, king of all tropical fruits, contains high level of Vitamin C, fiber and pectin. Our mango contains a perfect blend of Kesar, procured from Junagadh, Gujarat and Dasheri, from the city of Nawabs-Lucknow. Once they reach our facility, the process begins with controlled ripening, washing, hand peeling, hand slicing and freeze drying. This tangy combination of Kesar and Dasheri mangoes will leave you wanting more!

    Halo Freeze Dried Pineapple (30gms)

    It is widely believed that pineapple helps relieve arthritis pain and are a great source of Vitamin C. Our pineapples are sourced from selected farms in Karnataka and Kerala. They are transported to us with utmost care. Once they reach our facility, the process begins with controlled ripening, peeling the crown and removing shells, removing all impurities, washing, cutting and freeze drying.

    Halo Freeze Dried Pineapple And Papaya (40gms)

    Pineapples are a good source of vitamin C while papaya is high in fiber and water content, helping you with digestion. This blend is a wonderful and must-try healthy snack. Consisting of 25% pineapple and 75% papaya, this combination is a mix of sweet and sour. Both fruits complement each other perfectly!

    Halo Freeze Dried Strawberry (25gms)

    Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C & K and rich in fiber, folic acid, manganese and potassium. Our strawberries are sourced from selected farms from Panchgani, Maharashtra and brought to our plants overnight in a controlled environment.

    Halo Freeze Dried Strawberry And Banana (40gms)

    Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C & K. Bananas contain high amounts of vitamin B6 and B12, Magnesium and Potassium. Strawberries and bananas in one pack gives you a healthy and filling snacking combination.