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    Graminway healthy ragi chips are a nutritious snacking option for your all-time munch cravings. ... Graminway aims to provide clean and healthy products without compromising on the flavors and taste.

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    Aam Ka Achaar (400gms)

    Aam ka achaar is the traditional Indian pickle made using handpicked mangoes from farm, tossed in a rich mix of authentic spices. Each mango is carefully cleaned, dried and cut in a hygienic facility before pickling.

    Ajwain Besan Cheela Mix / Dosa Mix (800gms)

    Ajwain besan cheela mix is a delicacy made of gram flour with flavour of ajwain and it is the most commonly made cheela in household.

    Almond Chocolate Granola (300gms)

    Granola is specially made to help supply the body with energy and satisfy cravings. It is a healthier snacking option and is rich in protein and fibre.

    Authentic Rasam Powder (200gms)

    Authentic Rasam Powder 200gm Graminway Authentic Rasam Powder is a perfect blend of ground spices like coriander, jeera, chillies, lentils, black pepper, etc.

    Barley Atta (800gms)

    Barley Atta 800gm Graminway Barley Atta is made from finest barley grain,.It is dried and then grounded. It is popularly known as Jou ka atta and is one of the forgotten ancient grains having lots of health benefits. One can make flat bread or cheela.

    Berries With Twist (150gms)

    A healthy outside starts from the inside graminway berries with a twist is a perfect way to set on your journey towards a healthier you. The exotic hand-picked berries are rightly seasoned with select spices for a splendid snacking experience.