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    Goosebumps Pickles

    Kept alive in the minds and deft hands of every generation, Goosebumps taste a lot like nostalgia. And if you wonder, where does all the flavor in a pickle come from, a visit to our sunny terraces is a must. There, hot gossip is our secret masala and granny tales – the best-known preservative.

    Goosebumps are strictly hand-made and definitely vegetarian. All ingredients are quality-checked before sourcing. Made with love, goodness, and care, Goosebumps is your license to indulge.

    After all, who doesn’t indulge in the love of mothers?

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    Masala Apricot (300gms)

    A juicy, soft fruit of an orange yellow colour resembling a small peach.

    Masala Blue Berry (300gms)

    Masala Blue Berry has a special place in our hearts. Mostly ‘cos they protect you against memory loss; which ensures that you never forget to order a pack of Masala Blueberries. Saving us the efforts of sending you reminders.

    Masala Cherry (300gms)

    Healthy substitute to chocolate. Dates are packed under hygienic conditions and a state of the art manufacturing unit.A healthy substitute to chocolate.

    Masala Cherry Berry (150gms)

    Masala Cherry Berry.This assorted mix of dried fruits is like a football team. With thoughtfully picked strikers, defenders and midfielders in Blueberry, Cranberry and Strawberry; led by captain Cherry! One thing that makes it different is the missing goalkeeper. That makes hitting goals of deliciousness quite easy for the team.

    Masala Cherry Tomato (150gms)

    Dear tomatoes, being the first in the vegetable family to have made it to the after meals is a feat. Ditching my pals at raita, running for my life from the wood fires at pizza outlets, and escaping chills at frozen tomato factories was tough.

    Masala Dates (150gms)

    Masala dates. What is common between birth date and a masala date, you may ask. Well, one has to face dire consequences if they miss them. But if they do remember them, life becomes beautiful as never before.