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    Generous Treasures

    Generous Treasures imports & distributes Saffron & Premium Pasta and intends to have a range of diversified food products/ingredients.

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    Fiocchi Pasta (500gms)

    Maltagliati Farfalle Fiocchi Butterfly Shape Italian Pasta 500 Grams.Premium Italian Gourmet Farfalle Is Usable With Most Sauces, Best Suited To Cream And Tomato Sauces.

    Fusilli Pasta (500gms)

    Maltagliati - Fusilli - Italian Pasta (Imported from Italy) 500 Grams.Premium Italian gourmet fusilli is ideal for all sauces and vegetables.

    Penne Pasta (500gms)

    Maltagliati Penne Medie Rigate Italian Pasta (Imported from Italy) 500 Grams

    Spaghetti Pasta (500gms)

    Maltagliati - Spaghetti Bundle of 5 Italian Pasta (Imported from Italy) 500 Grams

    Surkh Saffron (2 Grams) - Premium Bottle Pack (2 gms)

    Surkh Saffron – 2 Grams – Premium Reusable Bottle Pack – 100% Pure I Natural I Untouched Grade 1 Saffron / Kesar