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    Adadiya Pak (250gms)

    Adadiya pak is a traditional Gujarati sweet dish made from coarsely grounded urad flour, jaggery (or sugar), ghee, edible gum, dry fruits, and flavored masala. It is made during winters as it is known to give warmth to the body and is also very nutritious.

    Badam Katli (250gms)

    The delicately flavored Badam Katli is delicious and with a melt-in-the-mouth texture.

    Gond Ladoo (250gms)

    Gond Ladoo is a traditional Winter treat. It is made from butter, edible gum, wheat flour, jaggery, Its bitter-sweet taste, grainy texture, and nutritional value make it a very popular sweet for the winter.

    Gundar Pak (250gms)

    Edible Gum Fudge is a traditional Gujarati delicacy that is often prepared during the winter season. These exotic and unique taste bars consist of Gundar or gond ( edible gum ) ghee, jaggery, and lots of special herbs and spices.

    Kaju Cassata (250gms)


    Ganesh Chaturthi Special

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