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    Eatelish was started as a celebration of wonderful food and warm stories and now Eatelish is helping people discover the exciting variety of food made by great artisan food makers across India.

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    Achari Mathri (300gms)

    Achari Mathri is a good way of using left of spicy pickle masala. These crackers are great finger food. You can also make tangy achari paneer if you are in the mood for some finger-licking curry.

    Achari Tikka Masala (100gms)

    This masala can be used in most the pickles or even curries and side dish to create distinct flavor and taste.This spice mix is a favorite for making Aam ka achar.

    Bhuna Masala (100gms)

    A mix of roasted and ground spices used to make the simplest Bihari stir-fry dishes called Bhujia. Everyday-meals become more special when you can turn potatoes into Aloo Ki Bhujia or Okra into Bhindi Ki Bhujia. Fragrant and delicious dishes made from this special blend of spices.

    Chammanthi Podi (100gms)

    Chammanthi Podi An amazing dry chutney powder made of made of coconut, gram flour and spices, this rust colored dust is glorious. Pour some ghee or coconut oil over a spoonful or simply sprinkle on to your plate as a condiment for idly, dosa or ghee rice.

    Coconut Rice Mix (100gms)

    A flavorful Coconut rice dish from Tamil Nadu with a crunch of peanuts. This Thengai Sadam mix enables you to create a hearty and wholesome Coconut rice meal super fast.

    Curry Leaf Rice Mix (100gms)

    Curry Leaf Rice Mix A fragrant and fresh tasting rice dish from Tamil Nadu. This rice mix made from curry leaves, makes for a healthy, flavorful rice dish. A quick and easy meal to pack for lunches or just serve for a fast and tasty meal.