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    Banamin Healthcare is a DPIIT recognized Startup in Healthcare and Life-Sciences industry, Driven by a mantra of “Building Healthier Society”, we are solving the biggest problem most people are facing, “How to Eat Healthy, Nutritious and Balanced Food Without Sacrificing Taste and Without Eating Any Chemicals?". At Banamin Healthcare, we have harnessed nutrition power of raw fruits, legumes, vegetables to develop Nutritionally Balanced Meals and Snacks options. Banamin products are Natural, Plant Based, Vegan, Low GI, Gluten Free, Preservatives Free, Chemicals Free, Lets take your first step towards having Healthy, Guilt Free, delicious and Tasty Food !!!

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    Banamin Healthy Bhoj Instant Soup Mix (50gms)

    Ingredients: Banana, Sapota, Beans, Cabbage Direction For Use: Mix 10 gm sachet in 500 ml water. Add veggies, spices & condiments as per taste. Boil for 8-10 minutes and serve hot.

    Banamin Healthy Bhoj PizzaBase Flour (100 gm x 2) (200gms)

    Ingredients: Peas, Banana, Beans, Cabbage, Guava, Sago, Rice Direction For Use: Add water, baking soda, yeast, sugar, salt to 100 gm pizza base flour as per the instructions on the packet. Make the dough and keep it aside for 4-5 hours. Roll the doughball and make the base Half bake the base in the oven The base is ready for making pizza

    Banamin Healthy Bhoj Uttapa Pudala Mix (100gm x 2) (200gms)

    Ingredients: Banana, Beans, Peas, Cabbage, Urad Dal, Besan, Fenugreek seeds, Guava, Sapota, Salt Direction For Use: Add water, buttermilk (dairy / vegan) to 100 gm Uttapa mix as per the instructions on packet. Add Onion, Tomato, Salt, Chilli, Spices as per taste. Make the batter. Pour it on a pan and spread in circular manner Cook both side Serve hot with sambhar and chutney

    Banamin HealthyBhoj ButterMilk Mix (210gms)

    Ingredients: Banana, Sapota, Cumin, Salt Direction For Use: Add 21 gm sachet in 500 ml Vegan Milk (Cashew/ Peanut/ Almond) or Dairy ButterMilk. Add black pepper, salt, lemon juice, etc as per taste. Garnish with mint leaves, coriander leaves, etc as per taste. Stir well and drink.

    Banamin HealthyBhoj Falafel Instant Mix (100 gm) (100gms)

    Ingredients: Banana, Beans, Cabbage, Peas, Salt, Sugar, Sesame Seeds, Cumin, Chilli, Turmeric Direction For Use: Add Water, Onion, Garlic, Chilli to 100 gm Falafel mix as per the instructions on the packet. Make the dough balls. Use a fork to make holes on the surface Fry / bake the dough balls Serve hot with Hummus or Chutney

    Banamin HealthyBhoj Gluten Free Atta (100 gm x 2) (200gms)

    Ingredients: Banana, Peas, Beans, Cabbage, Sago, Rice Direction For Use: Add water & oil to 100 gm Gluten Free Atta as per the instructions on the packet. Make the dough. Roll dough balls and hit those on the pan. Serve hot with veggies

    Banamin Healthcare

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