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    Kaju Katli (500gms)

    Covered with silver leaf, this dry fruit premium sweet is the one classic example of a sober yet classy dessert. Kaju Katri as the name suggests is made with premium quality cashew nuts and are diamond-shaped. The retro look of this sweet, mixed with the classy taste is what makes it a premium dessert to be gifted or relished!

    Anjir Roll (500gms)

    Freshly prepared with dried figs and shaped like a roll, this lavish indulgence is enjoyed at different occasions and parties. Nutritious values of Anjeer and the soothing aroma of cardamom (elaichi) are the perfect mixes to enhance your taste buds in a “sweet” way!

    Kaju Pista Roll (500gms)

    This traditional dessert is a splendid combination of exotic dry fruits. Filled with pistachio paste, it brings the right balance of sweet and rich taste and a pleasingly rich look. The creamy roll under the silver leaf coating is hard to resist.

    Pista Madhuram (500gms)

    Pista Madhuram has a superior flavor of pistachio and roasted almond and pistachio making it delicious and tempting. The flavor stirs up your senses in the first bite itself. The beautiful and decorative silver leaf coating with vibrant and colorful presentation makes it all the more tempting and irresistible.

    Nutty Buddy (500gms)

    Healthy Indian sweet preparation made with the best quality Afghani Figs, Almonds, Cashew, and Pistachios, this is a crunchy delicacy that is best enjoyed with friends. This sweet is its kind presentation from Gwalia's Kitchen. Enjoy the crunchiness of dry fruits along with the sweetness of fig

    Mix Bites (500gms)


    Kaju Mix (500gms)

    Assorted Cashew Sweets

    Adadiya Pak (500gms)

    It is a traditional Gujarati sweets dish made from coarsely grounded urad flour, jaggery, Ghee, dry fruit, it is made during winters as it is known to give warmth to the body & very nutritious.

    Gundar Pak (500gms)

    It is an exotic winter sweet, traditionally prepared during the winters. According to our ancestors and ayurvedic health experts, Gundar has many nutritional and ayurvedic health benefits. It is great for boosting immunity, stamina, and health. Gundar is also ideal for nursing mothers

    Adu Pak (500gms)

    Adu pak is also one of the special sweets which is having in winter

    Sing Pak (500gms)

    Sing Paak is a delicious Indian sweet that is made from Peanuts. You can aserve this along with your meal or on festivals and special occasions.